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R29V Series 29" Semi-Automatic Screen Printer

Overview :
The all-new R29V series of screen printers bring major advances in the technology and functionality of mid range stand-alone solder paste printers. Providing features and user benefits previously only found in more expensive SMT printers.

An easy-to-use Windows based interface combined with state of the art microcontroller based servo electronics, provides precise repeatable control of all printer functions.

Main Features

  • 29" standard frame (multi-purpose screen frame adptor is available for smaller sizes).
  • Robust yet precise mechanical construction with outstanding printhead stability.
  • Closed loop servo motion control.
  • Dual squeegee print carriage.
  • Automatic stencil loading, positioning, clamping and ejection..
  • Easy-to-use twin camera vision system for ultra-fine pitch printing. (Inc Digital Zoom facility)
  • Optional underscreen cleaner with standard wet/dry operation or with additional vacuum filter option..

Description Output
Maximum board size 550 x 510 mm up to 680 x 800mm(Dependant on model and special tooling)
Minimum board size 50 x 25 mm
Maximum board weight  5 Kg
Maximum board thickness 10 mm
Maximum underside clearance 20 mm
Minimum board edge clearance  0 mm
Registration repeatability  +/- 10 microns
Print area Up to 608 x 620mm(Dependant on model and special tooling)
Printing modes Print/Print, Print/Flood, Flood/Print1 or 2 deposits - Other modes on request.
Stencil frame size 736 x 736 x 38mm mm (external) - 29 inchesUpto 736 x 810mmStencil frame adaptors available up to maximum stencil frame dimensions.
Stencil location Auto stencil positioning and clamping
X/Y stencil alignment range +/- 10 mm
Radial stencil alignment range +/- 4 degress
Squeegee types Metal or polyurethane
Squeegee widths 75 - 620 mm
Squeegee pressure 0 - 20 Kg (0.1 Kg increments)
Print speeds 5 - 200 mm/sec (1 mm/sec increments)
Snap-off speed 1 - 20 mm/sec (0.1 mm/sec increments)
Print gap Up to 25 mm depending on tooling used
Tooling posts 2 - 20 mm diameter
Throughput time Typically 10 seconds excluding print time
Board file storage Limited only by available hard disk capacity
Utilities Power supply:  90 - 24 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 400WAir supply: 5 bars clean air
User interface Microsoft Windows XP ProLanguage options available
Interface control Unique button-driven cursor and keyboard

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